Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun Ways to announce Baby

Melanie came up with a fun idea to announce her pregnancy to her family. Her plan is to reveal the images to them one by one in slide show. I love cute ways to tell your loved ones you're expecting.

(click on the text above to see it large enough to read it. Its good stuff!)

When I was pregnant with Blaine, I told each of my family members individually that I was pregnant and pretended that they were the only one who know. They all went around thinking no one else knew and it was so hard for all of them to keep the secret! They all came to me telling me it was a hard secret to keep but they kept it. Then a week later I told my family all at once and they found out that they had all knows the whole time.

When my sister was pregnant, she took a picture of the positive pregnancy test and had it printed on one of those cool picture cakes. She volunteered to bring dessert at a family gathering and everyone was surprised and excited when they revealed the cake.

My other sister just told us... She's not very patient when it comes to sharing good news :)