About Kate

"Hello! I am so happy you are meeting me! I would love to meet you too so please leave me a comment, email, or send me a friend request on Facebook. Don't be shy!"


Kate was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. She was an eccentric and passionate child who was always doing something big whether it was putting on backyard carnival, planning a pet show, or directing her cousins in a play. In Jr High Kate joined choir and also formed a quartet with her cousins. In High School Kate continued to be active in choir and was also heavily involved Theater. After she graduated she attended Arizona State University for one semester and then transferred to Brigham Young University - Idaho where she met her husband Nate. Kate has two adorable boys and is expecting a little girl in November. She loves being a photographer and running her own business.

Kate's Journey As A Photographer

When Kate was young her dad told her she had an eye for photography. In Jr High she had to write an essay on her future and she wrote that she would become a photographer when she grew up, but she was not serious. After college Kate bounced around a few different majors and ended up deciding to get a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography. She learned a little in college and was lucky enough to intern for world renowned photographer, Travis Gugelman. She shadowed him for a year and then he hired her onto his staff. She worked for him for three more years while slowly starting her own business on the side. She left the studio to move back to Arizona to work under her own name. Kate's education is still important to her and she attends may national workshops and conventions to stay current on the latest trends and techniques.

20 Things You Might Not Know About Kate

1. I had my wedding reception in a Movie Theater! Guests came casually dressed, shook our hands or gave us hugs, picked up their soda, popcorn, and peanut m&ms, then took their seat to watch our wedding video on the big screen!

2. I was my high school mascot! Go Hawks! The costume was super old and made from the least breathable materials known to man.

3. My husband proposed to me on Isle 7 in a small town grocery store in front of the canned peaches (he called me "peaches" when we were dating).

4. I do not like cheese. I am not sure why people are always surprised by this. I feel like everyone expects everyone else to love cheese but I do not! Melted cheese mixed with other foods is acceptable.

5. When I was little I was so afraid of diseases and the function of the human body. In elementary school I would ask my teacher if I could go to the bathroom any time she taught anatomy and I'd wait there until it was over. I am much braver now but I still hate feeling my heart beat.

6. I am not a reader. It's sad but true. On the rare occasions that I do read I prefer non fiction. I like business books over anything else.

7. My husband and I have rhyming names! His name is Nate and guess what? We got married in 2008!

8. When I was little I was convinced that when I grew up I was going to move to Asia and join a small community that rescues and revives elephants. My parents told me I'd change my plans and it would make me so mad! I was positive this was what I was meant to do! Unfortunately for my little self that no longer holds the same appeal.

9. I am a project person and always am working on a scrapbook, quilt, or something I found on Pinterest. I love making things with people who are more talented then me so I can learn new things.

10. I get nervous when I fly. I try not to think about how high the airplane is but it's hard to completely forget. I fly quite a bit for someone who doesn't like it but I've always survived!

11. My favorite show is Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. I own all 6 seasons and both movies! It's my guilty pleasure.

12. For each pregnancy I've experienced I craved a Jack's Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Jack in the Box.

13. I love looking at calendars and thinking about the future. I could do this for hours.

14. I cannot win an arm wrestling match against anyone. Even most children. I can however beat most people at a leg wrestling match!

15. I love Godiva chocolate. Every time I have a truffle I think "why on earth do I ever eat anything else?"

16. My favorite movie is the 1982 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

17. I am a very skilled sleeper. It is easy for me to fall asleep and I am a deep sleeper.

18. My freshman year of High School I dyed my hair fire engine red. I kept it that way for about 6 months and then went back to blonde.

19. I changed my major a few times in college and at one point was a History Education major.

20. I have been to 8 countries outside the US. The most impressive place I went was the Acropolis in Greece.