Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm making T-shirts to give to my senior models
So here's where I'm at in the T-shirt design phase...

I made my design
I've picked a shirt brand
Now I need help and input
Which colors would you wear?
Do you like the design?
Any suggestions?

(BTW: the screen print will be only one color,
these are rough mock ups so I didn't take
the time to remove all the black/white bits)

Input please!


  1. I think the black shirt and yellow print is the best. It looks good and it's eye catching.

  2. I like the light blue with the white, and the dark green with white comes in second.

  3. Brett votes for light blue and I vote for the black

  4. Scott says the first one or the last one. I think I like the blue one too and green but i know i wouldn't look good in the green

  5. I'd wear the light blue, but if you had the shirts in girl styles, I'd recommend pastel colors. The logo looks great!

  6. definitely the white on blue!