Monday, October 29, 2012

Blaine Turns One

Happy Birthday to by precious baby Blaine!!!

Everyone asks "isn't it amazing how fast they grow?"
I say "No way, it felt like 10 years for Blaine to turn 1!"

I feel like I've had Blaine forever and it seems like forever ago that he was born. Last year I went to the hospital to be induced since Blaine was past due. Without modern technology Blaine and I both wouldn't have made it, but thanks to monitors and c-sections we were both just fine. 

Blaine is the coolest, easiest, most fun baby ever! I am so grateful for families and the opportunity I have to be a mother. I love him SO MUCH!

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  1. haha i think the same thing! m second baby cried ALL the time when she was first born she was pretty collicky. when she was a month old people would be like its gone by so fast uuhh no longest month of my life.

  2. Happy Birthday Blaine! I can't wait till I can have the same blessing as you Kate!