Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Jace

Welcome to the world baby Jace! 

Isn't it amazing how sweet newborns are? Each time I hold one I am so surprised by how tiny they are. It's bizarre to think that Blaine and Neal were once this small. 

One of my favorite things about getting together with fellow mothers is hearing birth stories! Giving birth is such a huge deal. The craziest thing when you are a new mom is to go out in public and look at all the people everywhere and think about how each person had a mother that gave birth to them! 

Even though it is such a common thing for women to experience it is one of the biggest most dramatic things a women can go through! Her life changes in a way that even though she anticipates can never be fully prepared for. The exhaustion is immense but so is the joy. 

Cheers to motherhood.

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