Monday, September 28, 2015

DIY Kids Bedroom Art Idea

I had to share this idea because I am so happy with how this turned out. 

When we moved from Idaho to Arizona it was time once again to decorate a new house! In our old basement apartment there were shelves all around Blaine's room so there wasn't much space for decorating, but this house has lots of wall space! 

Being a photographer I naturally filled the majority of my house with fine art canvas portraits but when it came to Blaine's room I was a little stumped. I was shopping in Walmart and found these frames and had an idea! I would frame original artwork by Blaine himself!

Now, first I have to tell you that this worked really well mainly because Blaine is 3 and we did this right before he transitioned from abstract squiggles to attempts of drawing people. animals, etc. I think this worked so well because it resembles modern art. 

We used just regular ol' cheap watercolors from Walmart I'm sure with computer paper. Blaine loves to paint so he got really into it. He did not paint all 3 at once. His tiny attention span wouldn't have produced very good quality if I had tried them all in one go. After a few days he had painted three works of art! 

Once they were done and dry we stuck them in the frames and hung them! 

Super simple and also super inexpensive. I love the personalization that it brings to his room and he loves having his paintings displayed. 

A word of warning!: Once your kid sees their work on their walls they might want to hang everything they create for the next few weeks. I let him use tape to put one art project at a time over his bed and he eventually got over it. 

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