Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gugelman, HERE I COME!!!!

About a month ago I decided that I was ready to apply for an internship at Gugelman Photography here in Rexburg (check it out! www.gugelmanphotography.com). I've had my eye on them for the last four years and believe that they are the best there is. I sent Travis (Travis Gugelman, the photographer) an e-mail expressing my desire to intern with him and received no reply. This was no surprise so I decided to call in and let him know I had e-mailed him. I talked with a woman who told me that they were not looking for an intern and that they don't hire them on a regular basis; they just make exceptions. I decided that I was going to be an exception. She told me I was welcome to turn in a resume and then we ended the conversation. I knew that if I did as she said and dropped off a resume that it would end up at the bottom of a pile, never to be seen again.

I wracked my brain to think of something that would make me stand out; that would make him have to hire me! Then, as I was walking across a crosswalk on 1st and collage, it hit me. Now, rarely in my life am I able to say with complete confidence that I have been truly inspired but this is one of those rare moments where I know it was inspiration. The idea came to me to make a book. I would make a photo album depicting why I would be the best intern. I did this and ordered it through Millers Lab. It took me about a week to shoot it and order it. Let me tell you, it is not easy to take pictures or yourself! But, with a little help from Nate and Beth, I was able to get it done! I also printed my resume and flush mounted it on matt board and painted the edges gold (I had printed it on plain paper by itself and the lady that handed it to me made a little dent in it with her thumb! It drove me crazy and so I found a no dent solution!) Now the album was supposed to arrive the same day that I was flying down to AZ for Lauren's wedding and the Thanksgiving Holiday, so I didn't think I'd get a chance to see it myself (which really made me sad). I was just going to go in and try to meet with Travis, drop off a resume, and let him know that I had something coming for him later on in the week. So I called in the studio to ask when the best time would be for me to stop by (I had already tried to go in and meet with Travis four times previous to this with no luck) and I was told that I might try the next day (which was the day before I was going out of town).

So the next day rolls around and I get everything ready and start heading out; and get this. . . the album was dropped off to my apartment JUST AS I was headed on my way to Gugelman's! I was shocked and ecstatic! I was so grateful and was saying a thousand thankful prayers in my heart as a walked to the studio! I quickly thumbed through the book to make sure everything turned out alright and mad did it ever! It was a beautiful leather book with gold stamped writing on the cover and each page inside was thick with vibrant colors. It was well worth it! When I got to the studio, Travis was there and had time to meet with me! He came out and I handed him my stuff. He quickly thumbed through it and told me that he was very impressed and that the presentation was "the best (he'd) ever seen." He told me that he was planning on telling me that they weren't looking for an intern, but he was reconsidering. He told me he'd talk it over with his wife and let me know the next day. I told him about my travel plans and we arranged for me to call him at 1:30pm the next day. I was so excited that I sprinted all the way home!

The next day I called and Jason (the guy who edits the pictures) answered and said that Travis wasn't there, but he had told him to schedule a time for me to come in again when I got back. So we planned on me coming in Monday Nov 30th. I had a great time in AZ but was excited to get back to see what was next. When the 30th rolled around, I went back to the studio and Travis met with me and offered me an internship position!!! I officially start in January, but will be going in a few times in December to get my feet wet. I am so excited for this opportunity and am so grateful for the aid of Heavenly Father! This winter is going to be the BEST!!!

Here's a little copy of the book that I made. Sorry it's so little, but you get the idea.

Allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Kate Mower. It is my desire to intern at Gugelman Photography.

Why? I'm so glad you asked. . .

Why Gugelman:
I really admire what Gugelman PHotography produces and I have never found a photographer I like better. I feel Travis has a lot to offer from all of his experiences and that interning with him will get me where I want to be as a photographer.

The best part is . . .

I'm exactly what you're looking for!

A taste of qualities I offer as an intern . . .

I know my stuff. Having gone through Brian Brown's Studio Lighting class and Tamara Brown's portrait class, I feel confident in my understanding of lighting patterns, ratios, additive and subtractive lighting, lens choice, and posing.

But that's not all. . .

I'm Handy. I am great at being useful. I like to stay busy, and will be happy to assist in any way I can. Plus I'm a novel reflector holder. I can penumbra anything!

Need more proof? . . .

I'm Honest. Honesty is a huge trait of mine and one I consider to be of great value. This includes honest work and accountability. If I say I will do something, I do it. If I mess up, I'll fess up. I am very dependable and hard working.

It doesn't stop there. . .

I'm Dedicated. Photography isn't just a hobby I picked up. This is what I want to do with my life. My education is an investment and I want to get all I can out of it.

Let's face it, I'm your woman!

So what do you say?

. . . please?

I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. That is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. So awesomely written too! Wow, you really were inspired to do that book and I'm so glad it worked out for you!

  2. that is the most amazing thing ever!!! so cute! so kate! i'm super glad you got the internship! i know to expect GREAT THINGS from you kate mower!!!! (ps. miss you, love you!)

  3. That is soooooooo great! I'm so proud.

  4. Your book looks really good. I'm so glad that you got the job!!!! Yay!!!

  5. I was WONDERING what was going to happen! I can't believe you got the internship Kate! That book totally rocks and so do you.

  6. The book is so endearing, funny and yet professional. I'm so happy for you, Kate! I think Travis is lucky to have you for an intern! Good luck!

  7. Why wouldn't he hire you?? Great idea. Good for you! You'll do great.

  8. You rock my world Kate. I wish I was more like you ;)

  9. awesome!!! that is SO neat, Kate, I'm so glad it all worked out. Congrats!

  10. Kate you are the coolest! Way to be inspired! I'm sure he'll fall in love w/ your art and I'm sure you'll be the next best thing...wait...better!