Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm a Grad. . . How Rad!!!

If you graduated and you know it clap your hands!
*clap *clap

That's right! It's all over! The hard work and fun of college is officially over! I have mixed feelings about this. Half of me is excited, and the other half doesn't believe it.

The first of the graduation events was my BFA show (Bachelor of Fine Art Show). It's a senior exhibit where all the BFA students get a chance to show off a series or work. I had my photography exhibit on scripture stories using a shallow depth of field (which makes things blurry) to create more of a allusive scene rather than a literal documentary photo. I am very pleased with the way they turned out! You can see the whole gallery at my website under "galleries" and "faith."

The exhibit lasted for a few weeks and I had a great turn out! Thank you for all who came and supported me!

After the exhibit, it was graduation time! It was fun wearing the awkward cap and gown and listening to fellow graduates all wonder where this ridiculous tradition came from. And although they all though it was a goofy tradition, we all agreed that without it it wouldn't feel like a graduation, and so we wore them proudly.

Below is the group shot of the BFA photography grads. They're all a lot of fun and I can't wait to follow each one of them in their future photography adventures.

Nate (my hott husband) and I after the Convocation.

I got to sit by my good friend and old roommate Jerdanna.
She is the prettiest girl in the world.

And that was it. Just like that.

Now I look forward to interning with Gugelman Photography and then moving to New Mexico for the summer so Nate can pick up his summer job at the forest service. After that. . . ? It'll be fun to see what happens!

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  1. Congrats on graduating! I'm glad all your hard work is coming to fruition. Best of luck at Gugelman!