Monday, September 15, 2014

Mower Grandkids

A few weeks ago two of my sister in laws came up to Rexburg and stayed with Nate and me. It was so great to see them! Before they left it dawned on us that all of the Mower grandkids were together, so of course we ran outside to snap a picture. What amazes me is we had limited clothing options but somehow we were able to pull something together. 

Ladies and gentlemen I give you..... the Mower grandkids!

Do you know what is crazy? 
Neal (far left) and Sharlie (far right) are only 5 days apart! 
Sharlie makes Neal look like a tiny chubby bald baby.
She looks more like Darrow's age (middle) who is 4 months older.

Also Blaine (second from the right) and Erik (second from the left) are 4 months apart! 
They look more like a year apart. 

I guess I have short kids.
Cute, but short.

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  1. ALL of these kiddos are very cute. I really love this picture Kate, thanks so much for taking it for us all.