Monday, September 22, 2014

Nail Party! Featuring Nail Utoepia by Tessa!

A few weeks ago I was at the park and I saw this chick with the cutest toe nails I have ever seen! I had to go up to her and ask her where she got them done. She said that there was a girl named Tessa who did nail airbrushing parties and then gave me her number. 

I called Tessa and scheduled my party. It was..... AWESOME! 
Not only was it so much fun to have a girls night with my best friends but we all went nuts for our nails. I get so excited every time I look at my feet.

I am so sad I discovered Nail Utoepia by Tessa a month before I move to Arizona. I wish I could have a nail party every month for the rest of my life.But there's hope! Tessa has a brother in law living in Gilbert AZ! (What are the odds right!?) So someday I hope she comes and visit her brother in law and then I can throw a nail party in AZ. 

If you live in Rexburg please contact Tessa. If you don't want a party she does them individually at well at her home. You deserve cute toes!

My toes are the teal and white chevron. So trendy :)

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