Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jackson WY trip with my parents

I just came across some images from a day trip I took with my parents in May of 2013. My parent's were visiting me in Rexburg and my dad started talking about wanting to do something cool. I told him if he was willing to wake up at 3am to go drive to Jackson before sunrise then I could take him to some amazing places and we could take some landscapes. He agreed and the next day we made the long, early drive to some of the most scenic places on earth. Blaine came along with us and we had such a great day! 

Before we headed home we ate breakfast at The Bunnery. It was fantastic! A definite must for all traveling through Jackson. 

Here are some images I took as well as a few behind the scenes action:

The Teton Mountain Range.

My mom and dad in front of the Mormon Barn.

Me photographing the Mormon Barn. 

 My mom holding Blaine. He was such a little trooper.

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  1. Such amazing photos... I want to be like you when I grow up! I'm just an amature Photographer!! I still love it!